Gerard Espona Fiedler

Passionate about engineering, technology and innovation

XR (AR / VR / MXR), Robotics, AI (Deep Learning / Reinforcement Learning), Computer Vision, Speech/NLP, Unity 3D, HCI, 3D Printing, Full-Stack and Native Mobile Apps Dev, Software Engineering and Team Management

3D Printed Robots

3D Printed life-size humanoid robot from the Inmoov Project

I'm building 3D Printed Open Source Robots. Check my progress building life-size humanoid robot from Inmoov project and others. Support me on Patreon !

Framework for Interactive Advanced Robotics

Combine input sources with Reinforcement Learning and other Machine Learning

I'm developing a framework to combine input sources and use Reinforcement Learning to provide the ability of interact, learn and execute tasks in a very similar way we interact humans. Interaction is the basis of how we learn and (co)-operate in real world. This project unifies large set of areas of interest such as Robotics, HCI, 3D Printing, Deep Learning/RL, Learning transfer from virtual environments (Unity3D / XR), Computer Vision and Speech/NLP.


Deep Learning / Reinforcement Learning / Speech / NLP / Computer Vision

I'm participating in some RL competitions (2019 - Obstacle Tower Challenge, 2019 - AWS DeepRacer) and I'm very hands-on with SOTA articles / progress (follow latest news about Artificial Intelligence with GANs, GPT-3, BERT, YOLO, DeepSpeech,...). Check my latest developments until we reach the limit of GPUs power :)



I was working on Augmented Reality startup between 2004 and 2008. Since then I'm following major advances and work with main libraries / SDKs. XR - AR mass adopted - ARKit / ARCore, VR for consumers - Oculus Quest, Spatial Computing / MXR - Hololens, Magic Leap. Check my latest developments on AR, VR (Oculus Quest) and proposals for Spatial Computing Apps (MagicLeap and Hololens Grant Proposals).


Mobile Video Games - 3D Applications - VR - ML-Agents

Who never wanted to develop (small) video game? motion capture system? I found Unity a great platform. I published some small mobile video games and currently focused on 3D/VR development. On the other hand ML-Agents is great platform to play around Reinforcement Learning and was a pleasure to participate on Obstacle Tower Challenge (2019). Currently I'm using ML-Agents to create virtual environments for training robots and transfer to real world (sim2real)

Software Engineering

Yes this is about engineering and methologies !

During my 20 years of experience on Software Development and more than 10 years handling Management positions (CTO) on diferent companies, I had the chance to learn how to improve software solutions development with diverse teams profiles but also how to make them production ready services and operational. And still learning ! Check about my professional experience with Agile / Scrum, DevOps / Continuous Integration / Continous Deployment, Scalability, In-House and Cloud Infrastructure Management (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), Saas, Service Architecture, Startups / Scaleups, Team Management, Operations, Integrations, APIs, HHRR, ...