I’ve been working on several managing roles on startup companies for 10+ years now with 20+ years as BsC Computer Eng. experience on Soft dev, very hands-on. As CTO usually overlapping with other roles like VP Eng / Eng Manager. Main responsibility with Dev Team is provide best working environment taking care of methodology (scrum), career plans/mentoring, 1:1s, providing support on technical leadership. 3 years in charge of AWS Infrastructure. On the other hand I’m bridge with Product and Business. I consider myself very empathic, positive, resilient and think this is giving me the right skills to work easily with the rest of the company and align efforts to achieve the same goals.

I’m enthusiastic of technological innovation and know by experience the only way to achieve great goals is sharing values and work as a team.

I have large experience in startup ecosystem and mobile sector companies and as an engineer I have high self-learning capacity and complex system analysis skills.

Professional Experience

  • CTO at Instaply May 2016 - Present (4 years)
  • Mobile Analyst and Senior iOS Developer at ISIS Papyrus June 2013 - May 2016 (3 years)
  • Technical and Innovation Manager - CTO at Eurostar Mediagroup February 2009 - June 2013 (4 years)
  • CTO at ADSMEDIA (Adsmedia Mobile) May 2008 - February 2009 (10 months)
  • CTO & Computer Vision I+D Eng. at Daem Interactive October 2004 - May 2008 (3 years 8 months)
  • Project Director & Machine Vision I+D Eng. at E2M November 2003 - October 2004 (1 year)
  • Software Eng & Consultant at SBD Technologies September 2001 - November 2003 (2 years 3 months)


  • Microsoft HQ (Chicago) Microsoft Bots and Cognitive Services Hackathon, 2018 - 2018
  • dotSwift Conferences (Paris) dotSwift Conferences, 2016 - 2016
  • MediaTIC – Cibernarium Project Management – SCRUM, 2013 - 2013
  • La Salle BES Technical Course, iPhone OS Development, 2010 - 2010
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Postgraduate, Dirección de Sistemas de Información, 2006 - 2007
  • Computer Vision Center Postgraduate, Computer Vision, 2001 - 2002
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona BsC Computer Science, 1995 – 2001

Personal / Side Projects

XR, Computer Vision, Mobile Video Games dev, Machine Learning, Robotics (Inmoov), IoT, VoIP, Dev Methodologies

  • Instaply: Microsoft Cognitive Services Hackaton - Chicago 2018: Integration of NLP
  • Basic VR interactions on realistic environment (Gear VR)
  • Simple mobile videogames using Unity: iOS Store / Google Play Store
  • Hololens & Magic Leap contest - conceptual proposals
  • Undisclosed: backend and iOS app for VoIP calls
  • Undisclosed: Motion capture system (HW/SW) to use on Unity / VR
  • InMoov: Human size 3D printed robot: Press article at El Pais (I’m builder not owner of this project). Local expo about Innovation (Saba-TIC 2019)
  • Qualified for Round 2 in Unity Obstacle Tower Challenge: Deep Learning (Reinforcement Learning) contest Contest results
  • Top 200s on last 2019 virtual race (AWS DeepRacer 2019) on Reinforcement Learning

If you like my side projects, specially Inmoov and Framework for Interactive Advanced Robotics, please support me on Patreon !