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Quest 2 is here !

15 October 2020

Tags: Oculus Quest 2, XR

Good opportunity to recap on my favourite games / apps.

How Covid-19 accelerates digital transformation and innovation

02 October 2020

Tags: Company, Covid, Culture, Customer Centric, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Customer Service, Customer Support, Digital Innovation, Digital Transformation, Leadership, OmniChannel, SE

Because Covid-19 we saw how companies in retail and other verticals had to enable digital and omnichannels solutions, moving from physical to digital, enabling communication between retail employees and customers. Here my two cents.

TTS with Tacotron and WaveRNN

27 August 2020

Tags: FIAR, Inmoov, TTS

I trained WaveRNN from scratch using LJSpeech dataset and after I trained Tacotron and Forward-Tacotron. Check here the results.