From Physical to Digital

Digital transformation is recurring topic for IT strategic plans inside companies in general. It’s very old topic and several approaches appeared along time trying to fight fear against it, specially inside big and burocatric style companies, where change is seen as a treat for many of the stablishment.

Main job for IT (CIOs and CTOs) is getting onboard as much as possible of the company, selling the digital transformation as an opportunity for all the actors.

Recently Customer Centric approaches, maybe makes it easy to sell internally, as Customers = Business ;)

But anyway know in detail which is your Customer’s Journey and trying to digitalize those parts which makes sense is very hard too.

After six months of Covid-19 first wave, it seems obvious that Digital Transformation get some accelaration … just because survival necessity … if you must close your stores … you need to do business on other ways or .. die.

Every customer journey changes depends on the vertical and types of companies, but as a customer still lot of things could be improved.

And sure retail is maybe the most impacted. Customers has a lot of restrictions to jump on the stores (if it’s possible) and enabling digitial communication between customers and store employees that covers the full customer journey (product list, invoice and payment, delivery) seems a good idea to do business.

So at Instaply we have been working for 4 years to enable digital and omnichannel communication between the brick-and-mortal employees and their customers, always feeling bit ahead of a market, trying to educate companies on the benefit of this digital transformation. Today we can say companies made or start implementing those changes. Lot of implications for the employees who are now first line in front of customers at one click distance, lot of new business opportunities and lot of benefits for us as a customers.

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