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Kauda is a printable 5-axis “desk-size” robotic arm by Giovanni Lerda. Because the size is very affordable in terms of PLA and time you need to print it. I’ll explain more on the specific project page but I wanted to share some images now I’m finished printing phase.

Hope Mr. Giovanni Lerda doesn’t mind I change the original 3-color schema design for my “usual” white-orange schema :)

One of the main reasons to build this robotic arm, beside it’s very nice designed, it’s because I want to speedup development of my Framework to apply Reinforcement Learning to robotic tasks (see more on FIAR project)

So I’m sharing here some WIP on a digital Kauda powered by Unity ML-Agents (RL).

It’s far from a version 1 working but I will share more as I have the real arm working and some basic tasks like inverse kinematics for touch / grab objects using RL.

Funny thought: Put the arm beside the 3D Printer and program some tasks to handle my 3D Printings :)

First assembly test

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