Physics Hand Tracking

Physics hand tracking is sandbox you can install through SideQuest and exploring different playgrounds using Oculus Quest hand tracking. Hands models and interaction are based on physics.

When the app launches it advices about hand tracking best conditions. At time I’m writing this post, all we know that hand tracking on Oculus Quest is not great. And definetly my experience grabbing objects or trying to interact in the playgrounds was bit frustrating, but not blaming the app itself.

As you can read in the comments on SideQuest, almost everyone agrees with me, it’s fun for 30 mins and probably I will try again in the future, but hand tracking should improve a lot in terms of stability and robustness before become something useful for a long time.

Also the lack of haptic feedback is the first thing you notice comparing normal experience with controllers.

The same feeling and conclusions I had when I was trying some weeks ago the free experience from Oculus (Elixir).

Definetly hand tracking has long path to walk and probably the normal way to interact in VR in mid-term future.

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