Inmoov Shoulder

Ok finally you can see shoulder full range - full speed test.

It took really lot of effort to make it work.

  • Printing some pieces several times
  • Infinite tests with mount and dismount
  • Power tests and connection checks
  • Servo testing

Long story short: Still believe something went wrong with first servo. Potentiometer extraction and cable extension is bit tricky to master. On the other hand still need to check if arduino port 10 is giving power correctly.

So finally I can write my very first long and complete “Behind Scenes” on Patreon ;)

Next steps:

  • Complete arm DoF with two more servos.
  • Full arm test
  • Find a standing pole to make easier tests and make Inmoov stable when move
  • Probably it’s time to print the left arm to help on stability
  • Neck and head

Stay tunned ;)

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